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Moving overseas: North Africa

Settling in overseas territories

Moving to French Overseas concerns mainly civil servants, military staff and nursing professionals. Most often, the move takes place via sea, thanks to the use of containers. Belongings which do not need to be transferred to the new destination during a work placement can be placed in storage.

FIDI France members propose highly secure, long term storage solutions which guarantee optimal storage conditions. Furniture that needs to be transported by sea can take several weeks; therefore, it is best to plan your move in advance, taking into account the transport times.

Expatriates moving to overseas French territories do not do so only for professional reasons since there are a number of retired citizens who decide to make the most of the pleasant quality of life abroad, for example. Moving to these destinations has the advantage of being simpler than moving to other international destinations.

Another leading destination: North Africa and Morocco

At present, a little over 50,000 French expatriates live in Morocco. This top destination in North Africa attracts expatriates for professional and personal reasons: moving closer to family, professional transfers, business opportunities or a pleasant retirement, for example.

Moving to Morocco usually takes place via road transport, in general, requiring one week for belongings to be transferred. The fastest itinerary includes a link by boat to the Strait of Gibraltar. In regards to customs procedures when moving to Morocco, you will need a certificate of change of residence issued by your local town hall in France before departure, as well as, a detailed inventory of personal effects imported.

Do not hesitate to contact FIDI France members for advice concerning administrative procedures to follow before leaving. They are specialists in international moving whether for import or export of belongings and hold FAIM certification, a guarantee of service quality.

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FAIM Quality Certification

A few years ago, FIDI decided to develop its own quality management program named FAIM and have its international movers get FIDI certified. This came as a result of ISO quality assurance getting systematic in the Anglo-Saxon countries and the NF Service certification developed by AFNOR in France --with a first application dedicated to private individual removals.

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