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International moving

A two million expatriate market

The French have a reputation for being sedentary but in the quest for globalization, the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs estimates that nearly two million French people have chosen expatriation.

These nomads (executives, technicians, engineers…), who spend on average four years working abroad take along spouse, children, furniture and personal belongings.

International moving: the must-knows

When it comes to sending your furniture thousands of miles away, there is no room for improvisation when moving home. Indeed, getting your belongings to a foreign country requires a know-how that not all moving companies possess. Calling on seasoned specialists in long distance removals and customs procedures is highly recommended.

Specificities of moving with a pet or car

Moving with a pet or a car can add further obligations and needs specialized know-how.

Each airline company has its own regulations concerning the transportation of animals. You will need to be aware of several factors such as the mandatory vaccinations, the type of adapted transport (in cabin or in hold), regulations of the destination country (import permit, quarantine, restrictions…), etc.

The transfer of a car by container also requires some preparation: vehicle checks, mandatory pre-checks, etc. It isn’t always straightforward to organize this type of transfer. Taking advantage of expert assistance in this domain allows you to ensure transport of your vehicle in the best conditions and a stress-free journey.

A tailor-made quote and price for your international move

Choosing competent professionals allows you to avoid bad surprises which could add extra costs related to breakages, losses or delays in delivery.

The first guarantee is that of an accurate quote which is established following a pre-move survey carried out by a moving consultant at the transferee’s home to evaluate the volume to be shipped, create a list of objects requiring specific care, and identify any specific needs regarding disassembly and reassembly of furniture and items destined for storage. 

The quote must also mention the places of both removal and delivery, the removal dates, means of transportation (by air, sea or road), insurance policy taken in line with the carefully completed declaration of value of belongings, the services enlisted at origin and destination and, of course, the price.

The price of the service will be based on a ‘door to door’ basis, in other words, from the packing of your belongings to installation in your future home.

Until recently, it was still customary to proclaim, “Moving, everyone knows how to do it; but now one must offer more!”

A global mobility service

For sure, a cardboard box will always be a cardboard box and a container will always be a container, what makes all the difference in the international movers’ market is the development of relocation services related to the basic removal service.

More than just a business strategy, FIDI France members have launched a major evolution in the sector.

Similar to their Anglo-Saxon counterparts, our professionals are able to offer expatriate clients a global management service for their international move.

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This makes up the core business of FIDI France members. This service is provided using a complex supply chain comprising packaging, multi-modal transportation and delivery of furniture and movables all over the world. Read more
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FAIM Quality Certification

A few years ago, FIDI decided to develop its own quality management program named FAIM and have its international movers get FIDI certified. This came as a result of ISO quality assurance getting systematic in the Anglo-Saxon countries and the NF Service certification developed by AFNOR in France --with a first application dedicated to private individual removals.

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