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Moving to China or Thailand

Expatriation in Asia

Thanks to rapid economic and population growth, the largest continent in the world attracts more and more workers. Expatriates seek new professional opportunities but also a pleasant quality of life. Today, about 65,000 French people live in China and 1,600 private French companies are installed there.

As for Thailand, it is a popular destination with senior citizens who make the most of the lower cost of living than in Western Europe, the high level of medical care and pleasant climate all year round.

FIDI France members are experts in managing the challenges of an international move and are specialists in relocation to these countries.

Organizing your departure

It is important to plan each step of your expatriation with care in order to avoid any bad surprises during your journey. It’s also necessary to learn about customs procedures regarding an international move.

Moving to Thailand

A resident’s permit is necessary for settling in Thailand. This card is delivered by the Thai Immigration Department and the conditions to obtain it are strict. You have to live in Thailand with a non-immigrant visa for a minimum of three years before being able to apply. If reasons for your move are professional, you will need to obtain a work permit and a non-immigrant B visa.

Moving to China

To be able to move to China and work there for at least 6 months, you will need to obtain the Z Visa. You can apply for one at the People’s Republic of China embassy in Paris. In the event of a professional transfer, most companies manage the administrative formalities for their staff.

FIDI France proposes high quality services for moving your personal effects to these countries.

Whether you wish to transfer your vehicle by sea container, furniture or pets, all our members hold FAIM certification and will support you in all the necessary procedures.

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FAIM Quality Certification

A few years ago, FIDI decided to develop its own quality management program named FAIM and have its international movers get FIDI certified. This came as a result of ISO quality assurance getting systematic in the Anglo-Saxon countries and the NF Service certification developed by AFNOR in France --with a first application dedicated to private individual removals.

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